Transmission Delivery Solutions (TDS)


GTMS specializes in HD Video Delivery for Special Events via Satellite, IPTV, and Webcasting. By Utilizing our TDS services our customers are ensuring the highest possible standards are met with regards to broadcast quality Video and audio. GTMS supports hundreds of events each year and by utilizing our platform, along with our dedicated customer service and engineering expertise, you can be rest assured that your event will be successful from start to finish.

One of our main TDS Services is HD Satellite Delivery. HD Satellite Delivery is still prominent video delivery mechanism within the broadcasting industry. With IPTV on the rise many satellite operators are reducing their pricing so HD satellite is now cheaper than ever. We still find it to be the most reliable video delivery platform at this point in time for HD video.


IPTV is now widely affordable. Many organizations are utilizing this broadcast platform for all of their training needs. With bandwidth on the rise we can utilize a HD video stream directly to your home, restaurant, hotel, or office under 5 Mbps for full 1080i.


Webcasting is still a reliable source of video delivery that many organizations utilize. GTMS can take your live broadcast, and make it available as a Webcast, and stream it to mobile devices too. The webcast would include a login process and is password protected. Many companies utilize a Webcast to make sure all of their intended audience can be reached, whether at home, work, or at play.