Installation Serives

Satellite Installations

GTMS Offers Permanent Satellite Installation Services all over the world including Antennas of many shapes and sizes!

If you look on any rooftop it is likely you will see some kind of satellite dish atop. This includes homes, businesses, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, churches, and even vehicles! For all of those needs you came to the right place!

GTMS provides complete and affordable network management. We specialize in designing a system that best meets customer needs. Whether you need a dish for your office break room, or want to catch the “Big Game,” GTMS can assist with any of your satellite needs.

Site Survey

A Site Survey is recommend so a tech can visit the property, evaluate the best solution for a permanent installation, and provide an accurate estimate. This is also used to check line of sight to see if the installation is even possible.

Standard Installation

Our Standard Installation includes a 1.2 M Antenna with LNB installed on a wall. A certified technician will be responsible to run one RG-6 PVC coaxial cable from the dish to the receiver location. The technician will make the connection from the dish to the receiver. This also includes 150’ of RG-6 PVC coaxial cable, a digital FTA receiver, and two wall penetrations.

Installation Extras

In many cases the technician cannot mount the dish to the wall, or the cable run is very large. In some instances the Building Landlord requests Plenum Cable or conduit to meet the building code. In these cases our techs are prepared! However, in these cases the price of the install would be increased. Most of these overages can be identified by the site survey.

Time Lines

GTMS offers Realistic, Specific, and Goal Oriented Project Timelines. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the necessary timelines. We also make sure projects stay on budget, which is the most important aspect of any project. If GTMS comes in under budget we pass the cost savings onto our customers. At GTMS our entire staff is trained to assist with customer needs. We pride ourselves in accurate speeding and reporting, and accurate and dependable invoices.

Coverage Area

GTMS has a database of over 1000 Technicians within North America. We also have technicians in South America, Asia, Africa, and England. These technicians are commercially certified and many of which we have worked with for over 10 years! They are the Front Lines” within our industry and are one of the most important pieces for any installation project.