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Uplink Services
GTMS offers a variety of Satellite Uplink Services. An Uplink is basically the opposite of a Downlink. To keep it short, an Uplink is the connection made from a ground location up to a satellite in space. In order for this to happen an antenna is needed at the ground location. The antenna must contain a block upconverter (BUC). This signal that is sent to the satellite is a microwave signal.

Even though the heating power is small (as compared to a microwave oven,) it still has burning power and can be dangerous to your body if you walk in front of it. It is also dangerous to look into those types of signals. With that being said, our technicians are trained to use this type of equipment with no elements of danger to our customers. Normally these types of dishes are on top of the room or large vehicle.

Uplinks can be permanent or portable. Some customers are in a remote location and need an “Uplink Truck” brought to them. With a portable Uplink GTMS can broadcast your signal from anywhere on the planet!

GTMS will manage all of your downlink needs, whether they are permanent or temporary. We can provide these services worldwide, and can be a “Turn Key” solution for your organization. We offer multiple layers of redundancy to ensure your downlink is a success.

Often times there are needs to broadcast remotely. If that is your situation, then let GTMS bring these services to your event! Our technicians are trained experts in providing transportable downlink services.

GTMS offers C-and KU band Uplink Services


Common Uplink Uses (Portable)

  • Satellite Uplink Truck
  • News Vans
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Government/Military Organizations
  • Corporate/Special Events
  • Fly Packs


Common Uplink Providers (Permanent)

  • Radio/News Station
  • Satellite Teleports
  • Production Studios
  • Retail Locations (Credit Card Transactions)
  • Gas Locations
  • V-Sat – (Two Way Communications)

Whether you need a permanent or portable Uplink Service, GTMS can manage this service from start to finish. GTMS has extensive knowledge and experience with ordering the correct type of truck, managing all technical aspects associated with the truck’s equipment, and ordering compatible satellite space to make sure the uplink is successful.

We offer a trained help desk (With people that have actually worked at an uplink facility.) which can handle any technical concerns that may arise. Make all of your Uplinks successful by using GTMS as a Turn Key Solution!

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