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TDS Silver Services
GTMS’s TDS SILVER PLATFORM is an IPTV Broadcast Streaming Video Delivery Solution. This type of service takes one “Live” or “On-Demand” video stream and distributes it to many receive locations. This stream can be received on a PC or a “Set Top Box” (STB) designed specifically to send the video stream to a Projector Screen with speakers or a large LCD while maintaining broadcast quality audio and video . Our TDS Silver Services utilize traditional internet as the primary delivery mechanism.  GTMS traditionally receives a live broadcast stream via satellite backhaul or an IPTV Stream backhaul. We then take the stream and transcode it utilizing one of our IP transcoding servers.

These transcoding servers allow us to broadcast “High Quality SD Video at 800 K and HD 720p at 2 Mbps. This allows us to broadcast into venues such as offices, hotels, and restaurant locations that have bandwidth restrictions. We often utilize multiple bit rates to make sure every site can receive the broadcast. (2Mbps, 800K, 500K, and Audio Only at 64K. We do have to rely on the last leg of internet bandwidth with this solution. That may pose a problem with receive locations that utilize shared internet lines or have problems with ISP bandwidth “throttling.”

If you are already using the traditional internet to stream video then this is for you. This package is more cost affordable than the TDS GOLD PLATFORM. At GTMS we understand that budgetary restrictions often play a role in completing projects, or delivering training or content to multiple end users. Even though this is cost affordable, the quality does not diminish.

Operational Path Information

Customer traditionally creates the live content. GTMS would then take the content and re-encode it for distribution. The end user can receive this high quality video and audio on their PC or on an ancillary device such as a projector or LCD. A “Set Top” decoder is needed in order to view the video on any device other than a PC.


TDS Silver Prime Utilization

  • SD or HD Video Transmissions
  • Corporate Training or Town Hall Meetings
  • Restaurants or Hotel Ad Hoc Events (Receive Only)
  • Medical Training to Hospitals and Staff
  • Ad Hoc Bandwidth streaming from one location to many locations


TDS Silver Features

  • HD or SD video delivery
  • Global Reach Capacity
  • Connectivity to large satellite teleports for additional customer opportunities
  • Cost affordable hardware
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