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TDS Gold Services

What exactly is the TDS GOLD PLATFORM?

Our TDS Gold Platform is a video streaming solution that delivers SD or HD video between two locations. It is named our TDS GOLD because it is a robust, commercial solution that uses a complex compression algorithm in order to send broadcast quality video at the lowest bit rate possible. (5 Mbps for SD and 10 Mbps for 1080i HD). This solution is being used by News Agencies, Sports Arenas, and TV Stations around the World to replace a traditional satellite backhaul. It is that good! 

The TDS Gold Services stream Video Content over a Fiber backbone that by-passes the traditional Internet. This saves on latency and cuts out bandwidth buffering. This system also has an Advanced Error Correction algorigthm to compensate for data packet loss. GTMS utilizes “Cloud Network” technology that is fully redundant, and relies on “Super-Nodes” that are connected together and form a Multi-level Gigabit backbone. This backbone gives us the resources to manage the broadcast or video stream ensuring less than .01% of data packet loss. TDS Gold Features

Most organizations tend to rely on traditional internet to send their broadcast or video stream. The weakest link in a live broadcast stream is packet corruption or loss of packets when utilizing the Internet as a transport mechanism. Most broadcast companies are moving away from using the internet due to quality issues and bandwidth throttling by ISP network bandwidth providers.

In the past it is very difficult to send a HD broadcast over the web due to the size of the bandwidth required to pull it off successfully. Using the TDS GOLD PLATFORM provided by GTMS, the video broadcast by-passes the traditional internet to ensure any packet loss is minimal and the integrity of the stream is maintained.


Super-Node Connectivity

Using this “Super-Node” fiber backbone GTMS is able to route your broadcast or video stream to any number of locations throughout the world. This cutting edge technology can evaluate the quality of the stream and tell us if there is an error, and where the error is located. Using full redundancy, this system automatically routes your video stream to a different "Super-Node" location and corrects the errors within the stream!

In the ever advancing world of video delivery, the TDS platform offers an extremely robust alternative over traditional video delivery methods. GTMS believes the TDS IP transport platform is an excellent fit for all GTMS commercial clients.



TDS GOLD Features

  • HD or SD video delivery
  • Global Reach Capacity
  • Full Duplex transmission paths with redundancy.
  • Connectivity to large Satellite Teleports, Production Studios, and News Stations for additional customer opportunities
  • 200ms End to End Latency for stream transport
  • Network transport stream delivery is 99.999% reliable. Removes normal Internet delivery concerns
  • Multi-Layer Redundancy – Redundant layers are connected via (Tier 1) multi-gigabit IP backbones
  • Seamless switching to redundant transport path because of network population methods for the primary and redundant backbone paths
  • Transport stream feedback environment to ensure complete packet delivery
  • 24x7 transport stream monitoring. First and last mile bandwidth is assessed for IP packet delivery performance
  • Network IP delivery is encrypted, protected and secure
  • IP traffic is dynamically placed on the least congested available route
  • Cost affordable hardware

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