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TDS Bronze Services
Our TDS Bronze Services are a Webcasting Platform. This package is the most cost affordable of all GTMS TDS services. A “Webcast” is basically a media presentation that is sent over traditional internet in order to reach multiple end users. The video is usually compressed to a smaller size in order to show up on a Laptop or PC. GTMS offers High Quality Webcast services to meet any customer need.

Many of our customers utilize our webcasting services in order to broaden their video broadcasting audience. Not only can you watch the video and listen to the audio from your office, but with a Webcast you can now be trained from your home, mobile device, or anywhere there is a computer with internet activity!

To access a Webcast on our platform, GTMS will custom build a web page that is Private Labeled or “Skinned” with our customers’ logo as to appear that the video stream is originating from their own corporate headquarters. We can assign a unique password so that only “approved” users may access this event. We can also integrate slides or PowerPoint presentations to enhance the webcast experience for your target audience.

GTMS also offers redundant links that are compatible with all of the mainstream web browsers. GTMS also offers trained tech support during the event to make sure any problems that may arise are quickly fixed so that none of the webcast is missed.

Additionally GTMS offers Video on Demand services that are low bandwidth, and are available right after the event has been completed. This can be accessed at any time by someone who may have missed the live webcast.

Video On-Demand: Store and deliver your on-demand content on our servers allowing your users to playback content on their preferred device when they need it. Your content is stored on secure servers only accessible by authorized users.


Common Webcasting Uses

  • Distance & Continuing Education
  • Event Promotion and Simulcasting
  • Business Marketing and Advertising
  • Entertainment and Special Events
  • Video Blogging
  • Employee Training and Customer Support
  • Make Your Web Site More Engaging
  • Weddings & Funerals
  • Religious Broadcasts



Webcast Features

  • Live Event Webcasting
  • Websites Design & Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Photography & Graphic Design
  • Video Production & Hosting
  • Satellite & IP Video Acquisition
  • HD or SD Video Transmissions
  • Global Reach Capacity

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