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Space Segments

When you turn on your TV there are many channels to choose from. Sports, News, and Reality TV are viewed all over the world at the click of a remote! GTMS has the capacity to private label a channel of your choosing in order to train, educate, develop, advertise, communicate, and distribute video content throughout the entire world!

Satellite Space Features


  • C and KU Band Space Segments
  • Full Time Channel
  • Ad hoc Channel (Occasional Use)
  • MCPC and SCPC Space Segments
  • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Compression
  • SD and HD Services (1080i)
  • 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 Distribution

Full Time & Occasional Use Channels

Many companies purchase a “Full Time” satellite channel. This is used for corporate meetings and training, policy briefings, financial information, and for advertising. Since you control the content of this Full Time Channel, you are at liberty to display any content of your choice.

Some companies keep a “live” camera going 24/7 in order to keep communications going and make their employees feel connected.

GTMS offers Encryption with conditional access on our space segments to ensure your content is distributed privately.

Ad Hoc (Occasional Use) Channel

Some companies do not require a full time channel. In fact some companies will only get together for a quarterly meeting, or to announce important company information. Some religious organizations broadcast once a month, or even once a year. If that is the case GTMS offers Ad Hoc channel space segments. These segments can be purchased by the hour in order to help reduce the transmission charges.

Satellite Backhaul Space Segment


Many religious, corporate, and governments require satellite space segments to get the signal from one location to another, or as a backup redundancy. Under these circumstances GTMS offers C and KU backhaul space segments that are purchased as Ad Hoc segments by the hour. Whether you require multiple feeds, or wish to add additional layers of redundancy GTMS can manage all of your space segment needs.

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