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Microwave Solutions

GTMS can manage and support all Microwave Point to Point broadcasting needs. Microwave Transmission refers to “Point to Point” Communications between two small antennas. The signal is sent using “Microwave” wavelengths that are measured in centimeters. This type of signal is usually more powerful in “Point to Point" transmissions in order to make sure there is no signal loss.

Since a Microwave Transmission is more powerful than a traditional satellite signal, it has the capacity to contain more audio, video, and data content. A microwave signal can contain 30x more of bandwidth than receiving a traditional satellite signal.

Picture yourself in downtown Manhattan, NY. You need to get a satellite signal to your office but skyscrapers are blocking your signal. If that is the case contact GTMS right away! We can set up a temporary “Point to Point” Microwave feed that can shoot a satellite signal around the Sky scrapers and to your office!

Common Microwave System Locations

  • Television Studios
  • Radio Stations
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Deep Space Radio Transmissions
  • Satellite Broadcasting to sites with“ No Line of Site”
GTMS can manage your Microwave Broadcasting needs from start to finish! Whether you are out in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a sky scraper district GTMS can make sure you transmission reaches its final destination.

Since the heating power of the microwave signal is high it can be dangerous to your body if you walk in front of it. It is also dangerous to look into those types of signals as there will be damage to your eyes.

With that being said, our Microwave Technicians are trained to use this type of equipment with no elements of danger to our customers. Normally these types of dishes are on top of the room or atop large vehicles.

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