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Streaming to Mobile Devices
GTMS offers a variety of IPTV ancillary services which can be grouped together or ordered “à la carte”. These services enhance your meeting or training experience, and can make your audience feel more involved with an ongoing presentation. See below for our IPTV Ancillary Services

Mobile Devices


Having problems catching employees who are traveling? Having problems yourself sitting down
in a meeting because you are always on the go?

Now you don’t have to! GTMS can stream your meeting or training directly to your cell phone or mobile device!

We can send your broadcast on multiple platforms (Simulcast) such as satellite, webcast, and to mobile devices simultaneously. You can deliver your message or content to everyone regardless of where they are located and what platform they have to receive it on.

Video Streaming Over IP


GTMS offers a high quality, internet based, video streaming service. This platform is not associated with our TDS platform.

This is a non-interactive platform which uses H.264 compression to send video and audio only.

This service is extremely useful as a contingency plan, especially as a backup to a live satellite broadcast or webcast. Literally the live feed is recorded, and sent via H.264 format which can be received on a PC or to a Set top box.

There is a 10 second delay between the live feed and this stream. This service is also used at location in which satellite line of site is not possible. This is a SD service only.

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