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Head End Assemblies
When the Digital Conversion happened in 2009 did you “Go Dark”? Many businesses and Hotels did! Their Head End Rack Assemblies were not Digital! Although that is not as big of a problem Today, many people do not realize that if they were to stop using Dish Network, Direct TV, or Cable they would not be able to get any channels!


Common Head End Uses

Head End Integration Certifications

  • Specific Channels in Buildings or Homes
  • Getting multiple channels through one cable.
  • Upgrading to Digital or HD Channels
  • Needing Same Channel to be at multiple locations
  • Integrating Local Channels into Current TV system
  • Business TV (BTV) Applications
  • Quam Technology
  • Analog and Digital Head End Assemblies
  • SD or HD Channel Lineups
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Coax and Cat5e Based Systems

System Engineering & Design

GTMS offers elite engineering and design services for any Head End Project. Our elite engineers have designed hundreds of Head End systems for Hotels, Retail Locations, and Commercial Properties all over the US. We ensure that all of your requirements are included in the initial design so extra money is not spent down the road. Our expertise is unmatched in our industry.


Hardware Management

GTMS can provide inventory management services for any type of Head End System. This includes SD or HD Hardware, Analog or Digital Equipment, and even Quam Technology. GTMS can drop ship to your location worldwide. GTMS can even preassemble the Head End in from our warehouse in Sandy, UT and ship it to you “Plug and Play”.

Installation Services



GTMS maintains a small group of Technicians that are Commercially Certified to install any type of Head End Assembly all over the US. One of these certified technicians will Manage the installation to ensure everything is working properly.



Service & Maintenance


GTMS offers a Service and Maintenance (SaM) package that is in addition to each installation. This includes Annual or Monthly Maintenance to ensure all equipment is working properly. If hardware needs to be replaced GTMS will honor all manufactures warranties and replace it to you at no charge!



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