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Video Conferencing
Make your meetings Come Alive with HD Video Conferencing. Our Video Conferencing Services are both affordable and easy to use. This system only uses 1 MB of bandwidth in order to view crystal clear, high quality, HD video.

GTMS can connect any number of offices. As long as the bandwidth is there, you can connect all over the world. If HD is not an option this system automatically sends the video through as SD.

This is a great system at an affordable price. You won’t believe the quality until you actually see it. In fact it is so good you'll wish you were not being presented in HD!



Video Conferencing Services Include

  • HD Video
  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Connects to LCDs or SD Projectors
  • Audio Sensing Cameras will focus in on Speaker
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Multi-Directional Speaker phone

This is a great tool to “Look The Person Right in the Eyes” as you are speaking to them. This also lets you know who is paying attention, and who has gone to sleep.

This Video Conferencing system can meet and of your communication or training needs. Contact GTMS now for pricing.

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