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HD Satellite Broadcasting Services

HD Satellite is everywhere. You see it at home, in offices and break rooms, in restaurants, hotel lobbies, retails stores, and in medical waiting rooms all throughout the USA. Satellite is still the most reliable and most utilized broadcasting platform at this time for HD video delivery.

 With IPTV on the rise many satellite operators are reducing their pricing, making HD satellite cheaper than ever. GTMS provides SD and HD video delivery solutions to meet any budget. The main advantage of satellite is that you have guaranteed HD bandwidth at your disposal. Meaning the more sites you utilize, the cheaper it becomes. (AS opposed to Internet; the more sites and bandwidth used the greater the cost.)

GTMS can provide “Turnkey” HD Satellite Transmission support from start to finish. These services include;
  • Studio Selection (Remote or Fixed Locations)
  • Satellite Space Bandwidth Segments
  • Uplink Truck Management
  • Downlink (TVRO) Management
  • Teleport Management
  • Transmission Management and Live Monitoring of the Video
  • Live Help Desk Services




Operational Path Information

Customer traditionally provides the video content. GTMS would take the content and transmit to satellite for distribution. The end user can receive HD video video and audio on a satellite receiver and Antenna that is pointed to the correct satellite. GTMS can provide all of those services!  A “Set Top” decoder is needed in order to view the video on any LCD or Projector screen.

TDS Bronze Prime Utilization

  • SD or HD Video Transmissions
  • Corporate Training
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Training
  • Church Broadcasts or Pastoral Training
  • Training at Home Office Locations


HD Satellite Broadcasting Features

  • HD or SD video delivery
  • Global Reach Capacity
  • Connectivity to Major Teleports
  • Cost Affordable Hardware
  • Plug and Play Hardware

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Customer is responsible to create the content. GTMS would take the content and re-encode it for distribution. The end user can receive this high quality video and audio on their PC or on an ancillary device such as a projector or LCD. A “Set Top” decoder is needed in order to view the video on any device other than a PC.

The “Set Top” box that we recommend for this package is the ROKU2. This box is cutting edge technology that literally “Fits Into the Palm of Your Hand!” ROKU players are commonly found in the broadcasting industry. Major companies including Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora all utilize this box for their streaming needs.
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