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Downlink Services

A downlink is the connection made from a satellite to a ground location. Downlinks can come in many shapes and forms. Any time you see a cell phone tower, an antenna on the roof of a building, or a small dish on top of a residence these are all considered downlinks. GTMS offers many types of Downlink services.

Permanent Downlink Locations Include

  • Teleport and Studios
  • Churches and Religious Institutions
  • Colleges and State Offices
  • Military and Government
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Houses and Apartments
GTMS will manage all of your downlink needs, whether they are permanent or temporary. We can provide these services worldwide, and can be a “Turn Key” solution for your organization. We offer multiple layers of redundancy to ensure your downlink is a success.
Often times there are needs to broadcast remotely. If that is your situation, then let GTMS bring these services to your event! Our technicians are trained experts in providing transportable downlink services.

Transportable Downlinks (Adhoc)


Regarding a transportable downlink, a certified GTMS technician will arrive before your special event. They will set up a temporary satellite dish and run the cable to your viewing room location. We can also set up an Audio Video system. Our technicians bring full redundancy to ensure your event is successful. Our techs also come prepared a lap top and phones as backup in case a backup plan is utilized.

Transportable Options include: C & KU Band Systems, Trucks, Flypacks and more.

The advantage of a transportable downlink is that a trained GTMS technician remains on-site throughout the entire event. That way if there are any problems with the audio or video transmission, our technician can quickly fix the problem.

When the event is concluded our technician removes all of the equipment. This avoids permanent cable runs and landlord approv als which can be very costly in a permanent downlink installation. If you have a need that requires Audio or Video in any location, this transportable downlink solution is just for you!

Transportable Downlink Locations Include

  • Churches and Religious Institutions
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Houses and Apartments
  • Weddings and Private Events
  • Corporate Training Locations
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