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Audience Response Systems
Mobile Devices

GTMS can ship our “Ad Hoc ARS Kit” to any event in which may require live audience participation with “Real Time” results.

Verify your audience is paying attention (or at least that they are awake) with our Audience Response System. (ARS)

This easy to use software can poll your audience for any number of reasons, and the results will show up within seconds. This will increase audience understanding of the material and also feel like they are more a part of the presentation.

Audience Response Features

  • Anonymous Polling
  • Increases learning of “Key Points”
  • Gives your audience “A Voice”
  • “Real Time Data Responses
  • Includes Graphs and Slides
  • Up to 10 questions per event.
  • Up to 2500 responses per question
  • Unique Long Codes
  • Short Codes Available (90 days required)
  • Gives your audience “A Voice”

Collect Audience Feedback in Real Time Directly to Your Presentation Using Only a Cell Phone!

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