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Adhoc Special Events
Over the past 25 years GTMS has been successfully supporting Special Events. In fact that is our specialty! We define a special event as a “One Time (Ad Hoc) event that is temporarily setup with technology and hospitality in order to participate in a Live Presentation or Broadcast Transmission.”

Ad Hoc Special Event Customer Needs

  • Corporate Events or Training
  • Medical Training (CME & Non CME)
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Distance Learning or Training

Once a venue is chosen, that venue is set up with Satellite or IPTV Equipment, Audio Video Gear, Decorations, Catering, Staging, Lighting, and any other items necessary to support that event. After the event is concluded all of the technology and hospitality are removed. All Equipment is set up temporarily and a Trained, Certified GTMS technician will remain on site to ensure there are no technical difficulties.

Common Ad Hoc Special Event Locations



  • Enjoy a Fine Dining experience while receiving Medical Training.


  • Sit back and relax during a work presentation.
    Enjoy a movie afterwards!


  • Participate in Pastoral Training or Large Motivational Events such as Giant Impact, Beth Moore, or Dave Ramsey Events!

Corporate Offices

  • Bring your corporate training to every home and office. That way everyone receives the same training at the same time!

Offsite Retreats

  • Receive your training or corporate information at a seminar, auditorium, or offsite retreat! Listen to a webcast while sitting in a hot tub.


  • Rent a room in a hotel, and take advantage of the sleeping arrangements, hotel hospitality, and even catering!

GTMS customers respect our Event services because we pay attention to detail. We believe in full redundancy at each location, and make sure every detail is managed. Our keen eye to detail is what makes each event successful.
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